Bobbie Jo Rosenthal


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About Bobbie Jo Rosenthal

Bobbie Jo is your Realtor Gal! She is a dynamic realtor with a flair for design and a passion for creating seamless experiences in the world of real estate.  With her organizational skills, unwavering dedication, strategic planning, and infectious humor, she transforms the daunting task of purchasing or selling your home, into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

More than just a Realtor, she is a trusted partner committed to you, she prioritizes building genuine relationships with her clients, treating them with the same care and respect she would expect herself.

One of Bobbie Jo’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to see beyond the surface of the “not so pretty”, whether it's uncovering the hidden potential in a fixer-upper or offering assistance from her reputable network of contractors. She is full of ideas, big or small, she’s seen it all!

Outside the of real estate world, Bobbie's passions begin with brewing her own wine to breathing new life into antique furniture, she finds peace in the extensive process. Her love for interior decorating, digging in her flower landscaping, cooking lavish meals and motorcycle rides, it shows her vibrant spirit and time to relax & reset.

Family is at the heart of her world, and she cherishes every moment spent with her son, loving fiancé, and future bonus kiddos. Whether it's sharing laughter around the dinner table or embarking on exciting adventures together, Bobbie Jo treasures the bonds that unite her family and finds joy in every precious moment shared.

With Bobbie Jo as your Realtor, you're not just gaining a trusted advisor—you're gaining a lifelong friend that will be there to make your real estate journey memorable. From start to finish, she is here to guide you with empathy and unwavering support, ensuring that your dreams of homeownership or closing one of life's chapters are everything you expect and more.